Complete Modern Minimalist House Model With Unique and Comfortable Floor Plans | Simple House Plans

Welcome to a very interesting discussion about simple home designs that I will provide a very complete review of and the most interesting thing is that I will provide a complete exterior of the house along with floor plans and measurements

Some of them I will provide a 1-storey house model where modern minimalism will definitely be more interesting and also exciting to serve as inspiration for you

Therefore, let's see together the latest collection of modern minimalist simple home designs that I will provide below:

1. simple farmhouse plans

The exterior of the house is quite attractive with an elegant minimalist that is still beautiful even though it is small, but the appearance is very high quality and also classy

This is an example of the floor plan of the house that you have seen for the first time, so please look carefully at the floor plan inside the house in detail and details.

2. simple modern house

Now for this one is a simple modern house design but very special because it has enough space inside which is small but fulfilling including consisting of a bedroom with a kitchen, a family room and also a living room.

3. simple house plans

This house is very small and also simple, but the design that we present is enough to meet your needs for a perfect design, so this is a complete floor plan that you can see from the exterior to the interior inside

4. low budget simple house design

Even a one-story house can have a modern minimalist design. In fact, it's even easier. With a fairly large house area, you can have at least two rooms. However, if a piece is not a problem.

Looking at the floor plan below, the vestibule near the entrance is used as a living room as usual. However, it can also be used as a dining room and kitchen.

Then at the back can be used as a bedroom and bathroom and can be used as a game room or other relaxation if desired.

So, while the area of the house only allows one room. It doesn't matter!

You can replace the living room as a bathroom in the house, or the garden behind the house as a bathroom or move the kitchen there.

5. low budget simple two storey house design

With three rooms, it looks like the house should be big and spacious. not too. You can divide the rooms into different places in the house.

The pieces don't always have to be attached to each other or next to each other.

Indeed, the room is getting smaller, but if you can put the right furniture and design, the house will still be comfortable. minimalist house design
Simple Farmhouse Plans.

Here is a simple farmhouse plan that you may find useful:

The Classic Farmhouse Plan: This plan features a traditional farmhouse design with a gabled roof, a large front porch, and simple but elegant details.

The interior typically has an open floor plan with a spacious living room, a dining area, and a kitchen on the main level, and bedrooms on the upper level.

The Modern Farmhouse Plan: This plan combines the charm of a farmhouse with modern design elements such as clean lines, minimalistic details, and sleek finishes.

It often includes a large open living area, high ceilings, and plenty of natural light.

The Small Farmhouse Plan: This plan is designed for those who want a smaller home with a farmhouse feel.

It typically features an open living area, one or two bedrooms, and a simple but functional kitchen and dining area.

The Rustic Farmhouse Plan: This plan emphasizes a more rustic look with natural materials such as wood and stone.

It features a cozy living room, a functional kitchen with a large farmhouse sink, and a dining area with a rustic table.

The One-Story Farmhouse Plan: This plan is perfect for those who want a one-story home with a farmhouse design.

It typically features an open floor plan with a large living area, a dining area, and a kitchen, along with bedrooms and bathrooms on the same level