Low Cost Simple House Plans | Simple House Design

Welcome to the simple home design post, where at this time I will provide some examples of the best home images that you can see as inspiration

I want to make you comfortable with this writing, but maybe there is something lacking that I can express because this is a simple writing that I can make

Hopefully this simple home design can be your inspiration to have a dream home with the best examples, let's see together

1. Easy simple tree house designs

A simple house that is so refreshing to our eyes which is a small but very nice house with natural stone decorating every right angle is an addition if we want to make the house look more beautiful from the front

2. Small simple house design

The exterior of the house, when we look at it from the outside, is quite bright with soft white paint, moreover, every window and door is completely covered with glass so that the light shines even more into the house.

3. Simple 3 bedroom house plans

Home designs when we want to have a small house but with a complete interior, one with three bedrooms, who would have thought that this house would be very good if we looked deep inside.

4. low cost simple one bedroom house plans

A beautiful house with a garage on the side gives you the willingness to store your vehicle which is indeed a garage which is quite important, even though this is outside the concept of a house, it also has to be considered so that the vehicle becomes safer

5. simple 4 bedroom house plans

This is a house with two floors which is really nice and also charming, especially with an elegant exterior.

6. open concept simple farmhouse plans

I will give an example of a good and minimalist fence design to serve as a reference for those of you who want your home to be more comfortable and avoid distractions out there.

7. simple one story house plans

Here are some simple one-story house plans that you may consider:

Ranch-style House Plan - This type of house plan is characterized by its long, low-pitched roofline and open floor plan. 

Ranch-style homes typically have a simple rectangular or L-shaped design, with a focus on indoor-outdoor living and natural materials.

8. simple low cost bahay kubo designs

Cottage-style House Plan - Cottage-style homes are cozy and charming, with features like pitched roofs, gabled windows, and a front porch. This type of house plan often has a small footprint, making it perfect for those who want a compact yet comfortable home.

9. simple home design

Bungalow-style House Plan - Bungalow-style homes have a low-pitched roof with wide eaves and a front porch. They typically have a simple, open floor plan and may feature built-in cabinetry and craftsman-style details.

10. simple house floor plans

Contemporary House Plan - Contemporary homes are characterized by their sleek lines, large windows, and minimalistic design. They often have an open floor plan and incorporate modern materials like steel and concrete.

Traditional House Plan - Traditional homes are timeless and elegant, with features like symmetrical facades, steeply pitched roofs, and a front porch. They may have multiple gabled roofs or dormers, and often feature classic details like shutters and brick or stone accents.

These are just some of the simple one-story house plans that you may consider. It's important to think about your needs and lifestyle when choosing a house plan, as well as your budget and the size of your lot.

simple cute bahay kubo designs

There are many simple and cute Bahay Kubo designs that you can choose from. Here are some ideas:

Traditional Bahay Kubo - This is the most basic and traditional design of a Bahay Kubo. It is usually made of bamboo, nipa, and cogon grass.

It has a steep thatched roof and an open floor plan that allows for natural ventilation.

Modern Bahay Kubo - If you want a more modern twist on the traditional Bahay Kubo, you can opt for a design that incorporates concrete, wood, and glass.

This design still maintains the traditional features of a Bahay Kubo, such as the steep thatched roof and open floor plan, but with a more updated look.

Elevated Bahay Kubo - Elevating the Bahay Kubo from the ground is not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical in areas that are prone to flooding.

This design also provides better ventilation and a more panoramic view of the surroundings.

Bahay Kubo with a porch - Adding a porch to your Bahay Kubo design can give you a space to relax and enjoy the scenery.

It can also serve as an extension of your living space for dining and entertaining.

Multi-level Bahay Kubo - A multi-level Bahay Kubo can give you more space for bedrooms, bathrooms, and storage while still maintaining the traditional design.

It can also provide a more interesting and dynamic look to your home.

These are just some of the simple and cute Bahay Kubo designs that you can choose from. You can also personalize your design by adding your own touches and preferences.