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Larishome.blogspot.com - Some of the things that we can see in the design of the house are the best models on the exterior that are able to provide comfort and are also beautiful to look at because this is a face that will be seen by many people so it requires more attention.

As for all of you, maybe I have been looking for good inspiration in determining the best home design so that it can be a means that opens up or provides satisfaction for you as a home owner.

But you don't need to worry because on this occasion I will provide a collection of examples of very good home design drawings that you can imitate or modify as a starting basis for construction.

So please pay attention to the various types of house models that we have provided, hopefully they can provide benefits and also bring success to all of us

This is a model of the first house that we provide to be an inspiration for you where the house is a simple house, even though it is small, but very comfortable and gives peace to the owner.

Then later I will give an example of a house that is still similar to the first model but this has a wider range and I will also provide a floor plan for those of you who want to see the inside so that when carrying out the construction it doesn't get too confusing

Charming Home Exterior.

The exterior of the house is the part of the house that is visible from the outside and is the first thing people who see your house see.

Therefore, having an attractive and charming exterior appearance can increase the aesthetic value and selling value of your home.

Here are some articles and tips about home exteriors that can help you improve the appearance of your home:

The color of the exterior of the house can give a different impression and affect the atmosphere of the house.

Choosing the right color can improve the appearance of the house and reflect the characteristics of the occupants of the house.

Several factors that need to be considered in choosing the color of the exterior of the house are the climate, the direction of the wind, the type of building materials, and the environment around the house.

The materials used on the exterior of the house can affect the appearance and function of the house.

For example, using wood or natural stone can give a natural and traditional impression, while using metal or concrete can give a modern and minimalist impression.

Selection of the right material also needs to pay attention to the durability and maintenance of the material.

Adding plants and landscapes to your front garden or yard can give a fresh and natural feel to your home's exterior appearance.

In addition, plants and landscapes can also help control the temperature of the environment around the house.

Selection of the right doors and windows can improve the exterior appearance of the house and affect the comfort in the house.

Selection of appropriate materials and designs can provide a balance between function and aesthetics.

Exterior lighting can make a difference to the appearance of your home and help increase home security.

Lighting can be installed in various parts such as the front yard, terrace or entryway of the house.

Those are some articles and tips about home exteriors that can help you improve the appearance of your home.

In addition, keep in mind that cleanliness and maintenance of the exterior of the house is also important to maintain an attractive and durable appearance.