Beautiful Kitchen Designs From Indonesia

For those of you who have just joined this time, I want to try to share about a very good and attractivekitchen interior designwhich is of course a shame if you miss it.

For some important hellos that must be considered is a good and neat room inventory so that the kitchen looks very comfortable

Oi, that's why let's try to find the best references and you are lucky to visit this article because I will give you a very good collection of kitchen decorations.

Beautiful Kitchen Designs From Indonesia
kitchen design

To shorten the time, please look at a simple and minimalist kitchen arrangement concept that you can enjoy in the dish below.

Beautiful Kitchen Designs From Indonesia
Beautiful Kitchen Designs From Indonesia

hi everyone Welcome back to my blog, in this article I want to do a little makeover of my kitchen as well as rearrange the layout of the items in the dining room

So my kitchen is divided into two, this is where I cook. For washing dishes, it's near the dining room. This kitchen doesn't use a kitchen set, so things are still messy.

under the kitchen area Let's just start, okay? I want to move this dining table into a portrait, guys, not a landscape like this because there's a window there. I want to put the refrigerator in front of the tube window so you don't see clothesline

the problem is that behind that is the laundry room, I'm sorry, the dining table still has plastic on it, the problem is that it wasn't opened on purpose, but later when there's a Toyota, the plaque will be opened.

So, this is the refrigerator that I want to move, I'm using a refrigerator sticker, so it looks pretty. Next, this cute cupboard, I want to put it where the fridge was next to the dispenser.

put it there then I want to put Magic Com on top of this feature cupboard so that it matches next to the dispenser next to mejikom continue in this section because there is still space I want to put the Bird Raffi traveler I bought it Sis Yes I'll clean it up first

So, I bought this for the purpose of being able to put my pots under the kitchen to make it tidier. Hi, close it. I also bought this iron basket, besides beautifying the room, it can also be used as storage.

In the basket, one is smaller and the other is for a clear glass cup. At the very top, I give a plant so that the greens will immediately appear.

Next, for real, I put it in a white plastic case to make it tidier, hi, hi, for the kitchen floor.

because it's non-slip lately I want to put these things in their place first Hi Hi, here is the final result I'm waiting for you

How come, guys, it's tidier for under the kitchen, all the pots don't pile up under the kitchen in the morning and are neatly arranged like this. By the way, I'm ordering curtains under the kitchen on Instagram

Later, when it arrives, I'll review it. Hey, hey, hey. Come on, what do you think? Finally, it's finished, I hope it inspires mothers at home

That's a very interesting kitchen concept for you to see, hopefully it's useful and I also thank you again because you have listened so far

If anyone needs a kitchen design inspiration that is very much eaten here I will continue to try to share and whatever I give is purely just for fun