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Definition of Minimalist Home Design
Minimalist home design is a concept that reflects a philosophy of simple and elegant living.

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It's not just about small size or limited budget, but rather about creating a clean, organized, and serene space by eliminating unnecessary elements and focusing on structural beauty, quality materials, and good lighting.

History of Minimalist Home Design

Minimalist design has deep roots in history, from the De Stijl art movement to the influence of traditional Japanese design emphasizing simplicity and Zen concepts.

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Figures such as Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Buckminster Fuller also made significant contributions to minimalist design in the early 20th century.

Principles of Minimalist Home Design

Some of the main principles of minimalist home design include:
- Simplicity in design
- A plain and clean appearance without ornamentation

- Design that adjusts to the function and needs of the room
- An open-plan concept
- The use of geometric shapes and sharp lines
- Plenty of openings for natural light
- Neutral or natural colors from materials like wood and stone.

Examples of Minimalist Home Models
There are various minimalist home models that can be an inspiration, such as:

- Mo House: A simple minimalist home
- IL House: A modern minimalist home
- House 48: A tropical minimalist home
- Hikari House: A Japanese minimalist home
- RV House: A contemporary minimalist home
- Seamless Boxhouse: An industrial minimalist home
- Kenari House: A Scandinavian minimalist home
- IH Residence: A luxurious minimalist home.

Examples of Minimalist Home Floor Plans
Minimalist home floor plans can be tailored to the number of floors and building area,

ranging from 1-floor house plans to 3-floor house plans, all designed for efficiency and functionality.

I hope this article provides a clear and useful overview of minimalist interior home design. If you need more information or specific examples, feel free to ask!