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Some of us may be confused when we want to choose the right bathroom design, especially in choosing a color, whether the color is dark or wrong, so here I will provide inspiration for a white bathroom.

Having a bathroom with a bright white color design will make the appearance of this place even more radiant because the reflections can be extracted very well

The use of white paint will make the room feel spacious and bright.

Here's a collection of simple white bathroom design inspirations that you can sample!

A bathroom with white shades can give a clean and elegant impression. Here are some ideas for creating a bathroom with white tones:

Walls and Floors:

Walls and floors can be painted white or clean and minimalist white ceramic material.

You can also try a combination of white tiles with accents such as marble or other neutral color tiles.

Bathroom Fixtures:
Choose bathroom fixtures such as sinks, showers and bathtubs in white.

This will create a look that is consistent with the clean and minimalist bathroom theme.

Choose good lighting for the bathroom which gives a clear and clean appearance.

White lights will help create a spacious and bright impression.


Add black or gold accents to accessories like towels, soap dispensers or shelves.

This will provide an attractive and elegant contrast to the white theme.


Add some greenery to give the bathroom a fresh and lively feel.

White or neutral plant pots can also be a good choice to match a bathroom theme.

Bathroom Mirror Selection

The bathroom mirror is very important because it not only serves as a practical tool for checking our appearance,

but also as an important decorative element for bathrooms.
Here are some tips for choosing the right bathroom mirror:


The size of the mirror must match the size of the bathroom.

If your bathroom is small, choose a mirror that isn't too big so it doesn't take up too much space.


The shape of the mirror must also be considered. If your bathroom has sharp corners,

then choose a mirror with the same angle so as to give a symmetrical impression.

If your bathroom has a more organic or curvy design, choose a mirror with a more organic shape.


Bathroom mirrors are usually made of tempered glass, which is safe if broken.

However, you can also choose mirrors with wood, metal, or acrylic frames, depending on the style and décor of your bathroom.


It is important to consider lighting when choosing a mirror.

A mirror installed in a well-lit spot will help illuminate the bathroom and give it a brighter impression.


Finally, choose a mirror design that matches your bathroom decoration style.

If you have a modern bathroom, then choose a mirror with a minimalist and simple design.

If you have a traditional bathroom, choose a mirror with a more classic, detailed frame.

Those are the series of pictures of bathroom design in white nuances that I can write about on this occasion, thank you for visiting a simple blog, I hope this is useful

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