Example of a Large Bathroom Window | Bathroom Design

Still talking about bathrooms, this time I will provide a collection of pictures of large window bathroom designs that are good enough to be applied to the best modern minimalist home designs.

If I previously discussed white bathroom designs, I will continue to provide the latest inspiration you need, one of which is the design of a large bathroom window.

To shorten the time, I will show you a collection of the latest bathroom designs with windows and very wide lighting

Example of a Large Bathroom Window

Among the first is a window from the left side that penetrates to the front so that all light can enter the room, plus a black ceramic design that really wants to sparkle.

The bathroom window in almost all corners of the room is made of glass. This might be called a bathroom in a glass house because there are almost no walls on the left or right.

Bathroom Window Model Inspiration

The interesting thing is when you can see freely on the outside of the house with beautiful views, it makes the atmosphere even more stunning

This is a simple bathroom window design which, although not as wide and wide as in the previous picture, is one of the best examples that you can apply to your favorite home.

A beautiful bathroom model with a concept like an extraordinary hotel, very beautiful and certainly very comfortable, coupled with the best facilities available, makes this bathroom even more luxurious

This is an example of a bathroom that is similar to the previous one, but in a different arrangement or color choice, a wood or golden yellow concept that is applied to this design gives a pretty cool characteristic.

The elegant window design and the selection of charming pink ceramic tiles will make the appearance more aesthetically pleasing, plus the right exterior and interior will make everything more attractive.

If you don't really like bright colors like green, red, pink and so on, I will give an example of a black interior wall in the latest modern bathroom.

Indeed I am very easy if we have a large enough land even including the bathroom we can use whatever design we want because there are no limitations on the existing land

This luxury bathroom is extraordinary, coupled with the best decoration and marble tiles that are so elegant, especially the design of the lights that adorn the roof, everything feels so extraordinary.

The bathroom design on the top floor is the best and also luxurious, we are presented with an extraordinary view from the outside, plus a very large mirror makes our perspective wider

For the last picture, on this occasion, I will give you a picture of a bathroom design concept that is extraordinary and also minimalist, although simple but still beautiful and suitable for a small house.

That's all I can give at this opportunity, thank you for listening to the article about the design of a large bathroom window, I hope it is useful and inspiring.