Simple House Designs with the Latest Low Cost Models

One of the most important things when we choose a home design is to determine the right model and find out what kind of home design is currently trending.

Having a good home design is one of its own satisfactions for the owner, it can even be an inspiration for many people, especially interior designers

In the following, I will provide a collection of the best simple home designs that you can combine with other models to completely imitate

Collection of Simple But Beautiful Home Designs

simple design of the house image
simple design of the house

The first house design that we present is a white house design model that is easy and also very attractive. This type is very enough to be a means of inspiration for you.

simple house concept new style
simple house concept

Small house exterior models that you can sample if you have narrow land then this can be one of the best choices, especially in designing fences that add beauty to the house

small home but elegant exterior image
house design small but elegant

The type 36 house design has a variety of the best concepts and if in Indonesia this is one of the most popular models that are in great demand by the public, then we as Americans might be able to choose a simple house design like this

luxury white two-storey house
a simple home design

The design of the two-level house with a large size that is very stunning and also beautiful, plus elegant ceramic motifs makes everything even more enchanting

picture of a minimalist house with a garage
simple 50 sqm house design 2 storey

The exterior of this house is very interesting because even though the house is small, the concept is very detailed, so this house looks more elegant.

One thing that needs to be considered in the exterior of the house is a fence because this fence also has an important role besides security but can also be a means to beautify the appearance of your home, especially on the front yard.

Selection of paint with cool colors gives the appearance of a house that looks even more dazzling compared to striking colors, so colors such as gray, brown, cream and so on can be an option.

The exterior design of the house using natural stone cannot be denied that the more it develops, the more the latest inspiration for home designs, especially in walls that can use natural stone as in the example above

A simple model house complete with a garage is suitable for your vehicle owner, because this place is one of the most important things and usually it is often attached to the house, to be precise, on the side or at the back of the yard.

The exterior of the house using almost 70% natural stone can also be an option, even though the costs we incur are quite hefty, but all of that is worth our satisfaction with our dream home.

You can also use bright natural stone models on the front of a simple house that looks luminous, besides that the front wall can be more durable from getting dirty or dull because of paint contaminated by sunlight.

The color combination of old and light cream shows a very beautiful house, and I hope that we can get what we dream of becoming a reality.

This picture of a tiny house but with complete facilities is one of its main attractions, especially for those of you who have narrow land, then a concept like this can be the best choice for us.

This is an example of the exterior of a simple house measuring 10 x 20m on one floor where there is a large enough glass section and of course a qualified garage facility, 

but the most interesting thing is that at the top of the garage there is a fence that can be used as a rooftop.

Maybe that's what we can provide for you, in this case I thank you for listening to the article so far in the discussion of simple small-sized house designs.